Which Countries Have the Best Education Systems

A global report that was recently released by none other than Pearsons found that South Korea had the best education system in the world, yet again. South Korea has been leading the chart for some time now and continues to hold its position while many other countries saw some major movements.

Factors Considered

Some of the major factors book-272691_960_720that have been considered before preparing this report are the amount of expenditure taken per student, GDP, rate of graduation – among others.

The Top Five

Most countries that are leading the charts are from East Asia. Japan came a close second to South Korea, while Finland (that was placed second last year) dropped to the fifth position. This came as a surprise, especially when Finland is regularly talked about when it comes to their excellence in education. Singapore and Hong Kong, again Asian countries, were placed third and fourth respectively. Most of the runners up are known for having clear objectives and goals with accountability and engagement playing key roles in the decision making process across the board of directors and stake holders.


Surprisingly, developing countries are not doing so well when it comes to the education system. Countries like Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia were ranked 38th, 39th and 40th respectively. The reason behind this trend is still unknown but it is being suggested that these countries are struggling to fund their systems properly, and largely depend on age old systems that are no longer relevant at present..

On the contrary, some countries were seen making marked improvements in their education system with Israel, the new hub of startups rising as many as 12 places to rank at 17th, while Russia ranked 13th, a mark improvement of 7 places. Even Poland rose 4 places to be ranked at number 10.

Hope developing nations will take cue and work on their education systems more aggressively this year.