ITEM Should have/
Should be
Should not have /
should not be
Blazer Plain black with school badge    
Plain White Shirt Long enough to tuck in trousers/skirt.
Have a suitable collar for a tie (hard collar) must button to neck.
Embroidery features or open necklines. Standard white school shirt.
If a tee shirt is worn under the school shirt then it should be plain white
Black Shoes Plain black shoes that would be acceptable in a practical office environment.
Suitable for walking to and from school in most weather conditions!
Extremely high heels.  (No higher than 5 cm. for guidance)
Open-toed/backless shoes
Training or Leisure Shoes. (even if black) No canvas plimsolls
Elaborate decorative features.
Sensible school shoes not boots.
No toe caps.
If shoes could be mistaken for training shoes then they are not appropriate
Skirt Plain black.
Reasonable length - not too short
For guidance no more than 5cm above the knee Ordinary school skirt. Tights /socks worn with skirts should be neutral in colour black navy brown
Trousers Plain black. Jean material, fashion fastening, studs/slit backs.
 Large flares wider than the length of the foot.
No Large, decorative or coloured belts.
Plain school trousers
School Tie Standard school tie. (Available at Robertsons)    
Overcoats (optional) Plain practical colour. Logos or lettering apart from a SMALL manufacturer’s label.
Track suit tops or addidas type striped jackets. “Cotton Hoodies”
Sweatshirt type materials.
Denim /Leather coats of any type.
Overcoats should not be worn in place of a blazer
Basically a plain overcoat.
Optional Plain Black “V” neck jumper or plain black cardigan ( mid hip length) Cardigans / jumpers must not be too long ie below hip Tie must be visible.

  • Jewellery should not be worn to school. One pair of plain ear studs may be worn if necessary. No facial piercings.
  • Make up, if worn should be discrete.
  • Hair accessories if worn should be discrete.
  • A plain hat may be worn outside school buildings from October half term to Easter.
  • In very bad weather conditions outdoor boots can be worn to school, but students should bring shoes to change into at school.
  • 'Hoodies / sweatshirts are not to replace outdoor coats and should not be worn to school.
  • All pupils should have a suitable school bag and are expected to provide their own pens, pencils and rulers.
  • If students wear more than the permitted jewellery, it will be confiscated and kept in the school office. It may be collected at the end of the week.