Master’s in Education

Master’s in Education: Expectations vs Reality

Applying for a Masters in Education is a big step. Unfortunately, many bright students in education programs enter with unrealistic expectations that affect their performance and ultimate takeaway. Hopefully these few myth dispellers can assist potential applicants in developing an accurate picture of graduate school.


Independent Learning is Stressed

A Master’s in Education is not just a series of lectures and tests. While there is some of that, a quality program should also have a substantial focus on independent research and projects. Many students are used to doing well on tests, but when left alone often encounter problems. To guarantee success, they should prep for their program beforehand by developing effective study habits.

Many of Your Colleagues Will Want to Leave

Because of the rigor of Masters programs, fellow students aren’t generally as easygoing as typical undergraduates. One university estimates that as many as 50% of graduate students considered leaving at one point.

Be Prepared for Total Immersion

The biggest chance at successfully graduating means that candidates must give all of themselves to the program. It is recommended they attend networking events, consult with faculty and maintain an energetic drive as much as possible.

Pursue Your Dreams with a Masters in Education

Completing a Master’s in Education is truly something to be proud about. Taking the leap is easier if candidates understand all the aspects of a program before beginning. While every graduate experience is unique, everyone should understand these three expectations before starting.