Extra Curriculum Activities

extra-curriculum-activitiesThe school is not only a center for academic excellence, but also other activities. In the aim to create and model all round students, the school offers and encourages a multitude of extra curriculum activities. To ensure that each student masters an activity, the school ensures that each student takes up at least one sporting and extra curriculum activity.

To ensure that each student finds their preferred activity or sport, the institution provides a variety of sports to choose from. In sports, the school offers football, soccer, baseball, field hockey, basketball, tennis, swimming, table tennis, athletics, and badminton among other assorted indoor and outdoor sports. To ensure that the students excel in sports, the institution ensures that if a student selects a sport, he/she is well trained and has the best facilities to harvest their talent. The school also provides incentives and serious competition to ensure that the student doesn’t just pass time but invest hard work and determination. The school participates in all completions offered across the states and nation.

Other than sport, the students are encouraged to pick a class of foreign languages. The school provides French, German and Spanish which are essential during the student exchange program. These languages also ensure that when the students graduate, they are open to other cultures. In addition to sports and languages, the students can also select another activity may it be a single instrument music or band, pastry classes among other activities. The main aim of all these activities is to ensure that the graduating students have numerous skills to choose from when making career choices and enhances the notion of independence. Availability of all those non basic academic activities is also what sets the school apart and ensures that students molded in the institution are superior to others. This is why quality per dollar education is the most cost effective.