Emerging Issues in Education

social-media-and-educationOver time, as the institution grew, a few issues have emerged. Some of these issues the school has adopted and some the school has limited. The emerging issue is as follows:

Social Media and Education

The introduction of social media has been both positive and negative to education. On the positive side, social media has enhanced the school agenda to foster global harmony and tolerance as people became exposed to other cultures. Exchange of information and communication has been enhanced. On the other hand, social media has spread hate, insecurity, bullying, and indecency among other numerous vices. In the institution, the use of social media is monitored and limited to reduce possibilities of harmful effects.

Online Schooling

With schools and academic institutions adopting online schooling, the institution has shied away from this endeavor. An argument was posited that the academic performance will be eroded by this venture. An internal study showed that teachers and other academic facilitators prefer one on one exchange with the student to as to assess them. Body language has been known to be used as an indicator by teachers to evaluate a student’s response to instruction.

School and Charity

The institution has fully embraced charity as a community day. With over eight charity drives a year for various courses, the institution can be termed as one of the most charitable school around. This is one of the many different ways to give back to the community and enhance social ties. Offering of scholarships to high achieving students from low income households is another of showing that the school cares. The school issues over fifty scholarships a year. That is twenty five percent of the annual enrollment.

The institution stands out because excel on most if not all aspects of education. The institution natures and models proper student to ensure the school makes its mark in the world.