Education and Technology

education-and-technologyIn the new world order, technology advancement has a strangle hold on all aspects of life. Without technology in this day and age, one would be lost. One of the biggest beneficiaries and equal casualty of technological advancement has been education. On the positive side, education quality has been massively improved. With the introduction of computers and other electronic gadgets, the reach of quality education has been widened. Technology is the force behind inter country curriculum and education system exchange. Learning has been simplified due to the introduction of different modes of teaching and access to informational materials. Educational facilitators have had their tiresome teaching task simplified among other numerous benefits.

The institution has fully embraced technology and all its accrued benefits. All the students are computer proficient by graduation. The teachers and other education facilitators have fully embraced all the new modes of teaching, from audio transmissions to use of projectors in the classroom among other modes. The full adoption of technology has seen the curriculum keep up with the world standards, cut learning time and increased the student’s knowledge base. This is another factor that sets the school apart from all the other academic institutions. Technology is seen as a positive force that needs to be harnessed and used to improve the students.

Despite all the benefits accrued from technology, the school is still aware of the damaging effects technology can have. This particular hurdle is navigated not by limiting technology, but by educating the students and giving them a choice on how best to use technology. This decision was based on an internal study that revealed that limiting and control of technology only insights student to rebel against the set parameters. Since the introduction of the new way of combating the rogue technological advancement, students have had a positive reaction to the available technology. This are the kind of executive decisions that ensure the school remains at the top of the pile.